Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Pop Up Element
    These are approximately A5 in size made from wooden board they give a near photo quality to your photo there are 30 pieces to the puzzle more robust than a card jigsaw, they can be used as a puzzle or completed and used  as a novelty frammed photo see also our other jigsaws ideal birthday gift for both children and grand parents


    These are approx. 10cm tall.

    Bunny, Puppy, Elephant, Mouse, Polar Bear,

    Tiger, Teddy, Reindeer, Frog, Giraffe, Lion, Monkey, Rhino.

    The white t-shirt can have wording or a photo on to personalise.

    They make great gifts and we have a variety of different animals.

    When ordering please include the words (such as name, date of birth, message etc)that you want us to customise your item with, along with the name of one of our standard design, crest, sports or business logo. Or send us any special design and/or photo that you want us to place on the item(by email see below), this can be a single design or a collage of photos or design in JPG format. Or we will design your print to your specification (just supply the text photo/picture, and we will do the rest)



    In regards to the design of your item, it is very important that you give us as much info as possible, including either (preferable) a phone number or current email address where we can contact you if there is a design or other problem with your order. We have a general design info sheet where you can get tips on the quality of picture needed etc.


    If you want a family crest then let us know the family name, whether you want one or two crests (the same or with different surnames). If you want a single name do you also want the family names meaning. If you want a forename, you you also want the forenames meaning and/or the zodiac sign for that persons date of birth. We have most family crests and name meanings.


    If you want a sports club let us know the logo, if it is a major sports club we will most likely already have good quality copies of their logos. If not we will contact you about supplying a copy if available.


    We have copies of the logos of most large companies and therefore can supply gifts with those on.


    We also have an extensive selection of suggested sayings and quotes.

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